Study Guides

I’m sharing the guides that I use to lead group discussions on Positive Judaism and I encourage you to develop them in your own way. Each two-page study guide is designed to for a one-hour group session for people of all backgrounds. I often begin with a five minute guided meditation on the topic of each session and each lesson is a stand alone session. Enjoy, Rabbi Darren Levine

Click each guide to download the lesson.

Guide #1: Inspired Living: Wisdom and Love 
Strengths: Wisdom: Open-minded, curious, creative, love of learning

Guide #2: When Living Hurts: Facing Life with Courage
Strengths: Courage: Bravery, perseverance, honesty, resilience

Guide #3: Love and Kindness: Personal Transformation and Change
Strengths: Humanity: Love, kindness, social intelligence

Guide #4: Justice, Justice, You Shall Pursue: The Journey to Freedom
Strengths: Justice: Teamwork, fairness, leadership

Guide #5: To Forgive is to Love: Letting Go of Limitations
Strengths: Temperance: Forgiveness, humility, prudence, self regulation

Guide #6: Open to Hope: The Spirituality of Gratitude
Strengths: Transcendence: Appreciation of beauty, gratitude, hope, humor, spirituality