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Rabbi Darren Levine, D. Min, lectures and advises leaders on ways to incorporate wellbeing and positivity to transform organizational culture. In addition, he speaks to widely on a number of topics to groups including:

+ Positive Judaism: A New Vision for Jewish Life in the 21st Century.
+ Living The Good Jewish Life: The Five Elements of Wellbeing Meet Jewish Wisdom
+ Positive Jewish Parenting: Learn the Strengths-Based Approach to raising a Mensch
+ When Life Falls Apart: Jewish Wisdom when facing illness, divorce, financial hardships, and loneliness

Organizations and communities are invited to book a date for the 2020 Book Tour of Positive Judaism: A Rabbi’s Guide to Wellbeing, available in stores on December 1, 2019.

For more information, please contact:

Chesney Polis
Positive Judaism
c/o Tamid NYC
299 Broadway #1020
New York, NY 10007
(646) 360 0689
[email protected]

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*pictured above are participants from the 2017 Imagination Institute Gathering in Uluru, Australia, including: Martin and Mandy Seligman, Roy Baumister, Krista Tippit, Betty Sue Flowers, Serene Jones, Bill Bradley, David Yaden, Rabbi Darren Levine, and others.