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Episode #1: The Jewish Way to Happiness and Wellbeing
In this first episode, Rabbi Darren Levine shares this new vision for Jewish life in the 21st Century and some practical ways to increase the wellbeing and positivity in the lives of individuals, communities, and the world.

Episode #2: Positive Marriages: The Higher Purpose of Your Chuppah
In this episode, Rabbi Darren Levine speaks about marriage and how critical a positive marriage is to having a happy and overall meaningful life. Sadly, many people are unhappy in their marriages and ours has become a culture of divorce and broken families. However, there are some key virtues that couples can adopt to strengthen and deepen their bond.

Episode #3: Positive Family: The Way of Shalom Bayit, Peace in the Home
In this episode, Rabbi Darren Levine speaks about marriage and how critical a positive marriage is to having a happy and overall meaningful life. People want to have to have happy, united and lasting family love – but it takes more than desire. A Positive home takes effort and must be built into the DNA of how a family functions. There are plenty of studies and articles showing what is wrong with today’s family, I’m interested in what is right – and what is working. This episode is for anyone looking to create a positive and loving family environment.

Episode #4: Positive Career: Making Your Calling Your Career
A study was recently completed of 200,000 university graduates that were asked about their life goals. 77% of them stated that making money was their most important goal. However, the research in wellbeing and life satisfaction concludes that there is only a slight relationship between wealth and happiness. Rather as you will learn in this episode, happiness comes not from having more, but by becoming more.

Episode #5: Positive Divorce: Staying Positive when your Marriage Falls Apart
Divorce can be painful, confusing, and sad – but it can also be freeing, a fresh start, and a new beginning. Divorce can ruin people, forever sour their lives, char them with resentment, and destroy them spiritually. However, there is another way forward: The Positive Divorce. A Positive divorce depends on a mindset and in most situations, it depends on the ability to forgive. Having lived through it himself, Rabbi Darren Levine can say with conviction that in certain situations, divorce is a mitzvah.

Episode #6: Positive Jewish Parenting: Strengths Based Parenting
There is a yiddish word that describes a polite, smart, and thoughtful child — a mentsch — and who does not want to have a mentch as a child? It takes more than faith, hope and good luck to have a kind and loving child and so I’m going to offer you some fresh ideas about how to raise a mentch by focusing on your child’s strengths and adopting a new framework called Strengths Based Parenting. This approach will help you raise your child’s level of wellbeing and happiness — and the result will be the mentch you have always dreamed your child would become.

Episode #7: Positive Jewish Prayer: Finding Your Voice
It has been shown that religious people are happier and more satisfied with life than non-religious individuals and that people who participate in religious communities are happier and physically healthier than people with no religious affiliation. In this episode, Rabbi Darren Levine speaks about the role of prayer in raising the level of wellbeing and happiness in life.

Episode #8: Positive Jewish Passover Seder
Many people believe that Passover is simply about the retelling of a 2000 year-old Jewish story from freedom to slavery — but it is so much more. Within this ancient tale are the virtues for living a positive life: gratitude, kindness, love, bravery, and hope. These are the very qualities that guide people to wellbeing and increased life satisfaction.

Episode #9: Positive Money: Using your Money to Become Happier
The Jewish sages of 2000 years ago asked, “Who is Rich?” They had very interesting answers to this question – some which may surprise you – but may also help you imagine a new way to think about your relationship with money and the the positive ways that you can earn, spend, and use your money to create a happier you and more positive world.

Episode #10: Positive Religion For All Faiths: A Global Vision
While Positive Judaism is our effort, the opportunity for a Positive Christianity, a Positive Islam, and a Positive Buddhism, etc., will be the most important advancement in religion in the modern era — each tradition contributing their own distinct philosophies, practices, and culture for wellbeing, happiness, and life satisfaction. This is just the beginning.

Episode “#11”: Jewish Songs for Inspiration, Happiness, and Wellbeing
Neshimat Tamid: Eternal Soul Album. Songs for Inspiration, Happiness, and Wellbeing with teachings about each song and melody. Enjoy!